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The end of the Summer business season can see a lot of change for those in the tourist and seaside hospitality trades within the UK. Do you close down at the end of the season or do you carry on?

When that first day of September comes there is something in the air that changes. If social media is to be believed, we go to bed on the 31st August with the sun shining down upon us having worn shorts and t-shirts to the family BBQ that afternoon, and wake up on September 1st having to pull on our winter jumpers, ready to head out in search of that first pumpkin spiced latte. However, it is also the season for a change of business.

Whilst not quite this literal, back to school definitely seems to signify the end of the season. Soon it might be time to stop cleaning rooms, changing sheets and welcoming guests and able to sit down and take stock of the season that is now coming to a close.

It’s a good time to reflect on your business and ask yourself the questions which could effect how you approach the following year, or even whether you will. Did you have a good summer season or was it a little too quiet? Were you slow getting off the ground, but then had an intense July and August? And, how are you feeling now?

The great British weather can play a huge part in the success of a good seaside B&B or Guest House and how it fares from season to season. We’ve been quite lucky this year to have seen one of the hottest summers on record, which saw people flocking to the beaches up and down the country, but did this translate into customers for your business? Most reports are saying it was a quiet start with all that snow back in the spring, with news threats that the “Beast from the East” would return at Easter, although most experienced a pretty mad July and August with a high number of Hotels and B&B’s full most days.

With such an intense period of work during the summer season it’s nearly time to sit back and relax and perhaps take a little holiday of your own. Will you be going away and taking it easy or do you have some major jobs you want to get done during the off season?

For some, it’s a time to take a breath and regroup for the next season, and for others this will have been their last and they will be looking to move on. Whatever happens, the end of a season brings change for everyone so it’s important to take a moment to stop and reflect on the time we have had.

I’d love to hear how your season went and what plans you have throughout the chillier months.

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