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Another bank holiday and beautiful weather.  After being in ‘lockdown’ for the last two months the world is opening up, people are travelling further, meeting others and beginning to relax in their attitude.  With social distancing very much evident, we see the number of cases of Covid 19 fall, yet cautious and hoping that there isn’t a second wave of the pandemic and above all desperate to be able to look ahead to a positive future.

Where we have been …

The ‘lockdown’ has had a tremendous effect on businesses across every sector, with South Devon having an obvious impact due to the closure of the tourist market place.  Every hotel, B&B, guest house, restaurant, café and even campsites have been closed over the last two months.   At a time when business owners would be welcoming guests to their venue and starting to see the season gain momentum, especially as we have had such marvellous weather.  In fact, this last weekend has been glorious, sunshine from sunrise to sunset each day, with a little wind thrown in for good measure on Saturday.

Where we are now ……

In recent days where the ‘lockdown’ rules are relaxing, we have seen great evidence of how the self-employed will try and make the most of an opportunity.  With businesses diversifying into routes which allow them to trade – in some way.  There are cafes offering takeaway coffee, restaurants promoting a takeaway delivery service and even the famous Elephant Restaurant, in Torquay, is offering Michelin star meals – to takeaway!

It’s great seeing ‘entrepreneur’ values come out from so many business people, finding a way to market their offering and get those tills ringing.

Where we are going…

Here at BusinessXchange, I have seen an increase in the number of enquiries from buyers for the businesses we currently have for sale and, after speaking with several of these potential purchasers, its very evident that many people have taken this ‘lockdown’ period as a time of reflection, a time to review their life and make different decisions about their future.

People are telling me about their lives and how they want to make a change.  People can look back three months and remember how their day consisted of a long commute, a stressful job and not enough quality time spent with their family.  This ‘lockdown’’ period has given them a chance to relax, a time to review their situation and an urge to create a new life for themselves, simply not excited about jumping back onto that merry go round of stress all over again.

It’s quite wonderful to be able to talk to people about their hopes and dreams for their future, especially now – we all want to have a bright future – for so many reasons

What are your dreams?  Have you had time to reflect on your life and look ahead, making new choices?  Or have you been part of our new ‘frontline army’ – an invaluable force of people who have seen us through this crisis.

If I can help with your dream of running a bed & breakfast or hospitality business beside the wonderful Devon coastline please do let me know. It’s a life I have experienced myself and I can help you with first-hand advice.

Lyn Milligan

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