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We are pleased to work with some fabulous people, through the various aspects of business with BusinessXchange, and one is Louise Roberts, our admin and marketing specialist, who shares her story.

When people ask where I come from and I say…Torbay in Devon, a slow smile creeps across their face; they look all dreamy eyed and usually they say “ahhh we have some very fond memories of Torbay”…..

The place where I have grown up for my whole 40 plus years, where I was born and bred, has this instant appeal to people. The slower paced lifestyle and the easiness….where the micro-climate means warmer temperatures and the most beautiful sunsets.

I grew up in a family where my late grandmother ran a Guest House. Even being so little at the time I remember her early starts and late finishes and the never-ending stream of visitors.

I recall her, in those days, the late 70’s / early 80’s, gathering up dirty bed linen and taking it up to the launderette in a shopping trolley and then getting home ready to cook the evening meal, from lunchtime, where the preparation had actually started around 7am!

Her visitors were ones that used to book in every year, so lots of repeat business, but soon due to their repeat bookings became lifelong friends. I think to the day that she died in 2014 she still received several Christmas cards from her repeat guests.

Customer Service to my grandmother was fundamental to running her business. Nothing was ever too much trouble and she used to go out of her way (literally walking miles, as she never had a car) to get something special for her guests if they enquired about something they liked in particular.

I think growing up in this environment, has had a lasting affect on how I now run my own business, although not anything like running a Guest House, the work ethic is ingrained in me and the commitment to ensuring Customer Service is key!

My Grandmother was so proud of being a Torquinian. She gallantly protected it like it was actually her own! She was so passionate about where she lived and so honest when asked about her opinion on living elsewhere.

In my honest opinion you cannot go wrong with Torbay. You have the calming seashores in abundance and a little more than half an hour away is Dartmoor where it boasts stunning scenery and is steeped in history. The atmosphere on a summer’s evening really could rival the Mediterranean.

So, to the readers who are Torbay born and bred….talk positively about your Town, be grateful, that unlike others, you have a healthier space to live in and like my Grandmother, be proud of all it offers!!!

There is no place like Torbay!

Louise enjoys her life living in Torbay on the English Riviera and runs her business, LR Virtual Assistant, to a wide range of clients.  The website is where you can see the broad range of services which Louise offers

If you would like to discuss your potential move and relocation to beautiful South Devon and we can help do get in touch

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