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I’m not entirely sure what to write in these unprecedented times, the world is a crazy or frightening place, depending on your view and what your role may be within the Covid 19 crisis, but whoever you are it’s bound to be having some effect on your life.

Sad Times

The 16th March; a day I remember well as I sat with my father, as he passed away on this day, having lived an amazing life and due to be 100 in August, but I do wonder if he was called away to escape the world and its craziness.  A man who inspired me, he took chances, or opportunities, which again does depend on your view of life, ran businesses, and always found something to drive him forward, not accepting the obstacles but instead finding ways to overcome them.


Now, for more than a month, we have been in ‘lockdown’ and have seen vast changes in the way we all live and work, the word ‘furlough’ has become part of our everyday language and ‘frontline workers’ are not those in the armed forces, they are everyday folk who happened to have jobs in retail, working for shops selling food, postal workers, refuse collectors and the like and, of course, our wonderful NHS staff who have gained the value which they always had but had never been given enough credit.  These fantastic individuals are all in battle, a battle against the invisible Covid 19 monster who is ravaging our society.

Community Spirit & Gratefulness

There are some extremely heart-warming stories and events which have also become much more evident, the community spirit, the help we are giving to our neighbours and the thanks we give every Thursday evening to the NHS, for the amazing part they are playing in this horrid war.  It is wonderful to feel part of the world and its stand against an attack, fighting with love and gratitude.

It’s certainly been a time to be grateful.  Grateful for the things you do have, grateful for your own health and the health of your family and friends, grateful to have food on the table, and finding pleasure in the small things, the meals we cook or the task we have achieved.

Almost Face To Face

And, for those of us who run businesses; what to do, how to be, in a world of ‘social distance’, another new term which is part of our lives now.   Well, we do have to be grateful for the communication which we have, the internet and the ability to connect with people via so many methods, with zoom meetings and facetime calls etc.  Of course, it’s not the same as meeting face to face, but it’s amazing that it is possible nonetheless.

We are privileged to be part of the relatively new society of global communicators, hear of the latest news (not always good), take part in events, maintain contact with people and generally have a route to others in our society, without actually meeting them in person.

With that in mind we can promote ourselves and our businesses to a wide audience and keep in contact with others in the business world in readiness for when we get to ‘the other side’.

In fact, that’s the plan – to get to the other side of this crisis – whatever that involves.  And, we will.  That is for certain.

So, one hopes that we can remain positive throughout the crisis, learn from this experience in so many ways, and live on in what we can only hope will be a society which has learned to be grateful, appreciate those who have become imperative to the basic needs of people and, most of all –  Be kind.

I do hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog article and would appreciate any comments or feedback.

Keep smiling and stay safe

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