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Some people think that selling a business is easy but unless you get lucky it isn’t. Take a look at how we helped one business and why selling is what we do best

After some months of trying to sell their business, the owners of a specialist hat hire business in Devon decided to work with us here at BusinessXchange. The couple had developed an excellent business over many years, building up an extensive range of hats for special occasions, along with various accessories. Their clients had won awards for “Best Hat” at the Ladies Day Races.

After giving their clients such wonderful service over the years they had a wonderful client base with lots of repeat custom. Running their business for many years they now reached a point in their lives where they were keen to retire and selling their business was the next step.

The couple had spoken to several commercial agents but without any success. When I met with them I found them to be a lovely genuine couple who it would be a pleasure to work with and agreed to help them in their quest to source a new owner and selling their wonderful business.

I put in place a marketing plan, advertising the business through the various online business sales portals as well as the BusinessXchange website. Part of this successful process was communicating with several potential buyers, meeting with them and discussing the many attributes of this business. It’s a crucial part of the process that I liaise with both the buyer and seller, negotiating terms, supporting the whole process, ensuring that both parties are happy and the sale agreed.

We’re so excited to report that this wonderful specialist business has now completed in a successful sale, the couple are now able to go into retirement, with a positive future ahead, and the new owners are extremely happy, looking ahead with their new business and bubbling with enthusiasm.

Businesses come in so many different types and sectors, but here at BusinessXchange we have experience in businesses across guest houses, lettings agencies and many in between! A Specialist Hat Hire Business being just one example! Selling is our speciality… it’s what we do best!

If you have a specialist business and are looking at ways to sell or maybe simply looking ahead to an exit route in the future, Lyn would be happy to have a chat – no obligation. Simply contact BusinessXchange on 0330 043 4351 or email

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