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The arrival of summer doesn’t just mean sunshine and suncream. It is the start of the busiest trade season of the year for businesses in the tourist trade such as hotels, B&B, restaurants, funfairs, seaside towns and many more. What effect does summer have on UK seaside towns?

Despite our up and down the weather, it is getting pretty evident that we are fast approaching summer, and with it the biggest tourist arrival of the year. In seaside towns and resorts, such as here in Torbay, there are B&B & Guest House Owners, Hotels and all their staff, who have opened their shutters, pressing their linen and preparing themselves for the summer season ahead.

What’s it like during the Summer Season?

Being a B&B or Hotel owner during the summer season is something like no other. No two weeks and sometimes no two days will ever be the same. New people will come and go each day & week and then, in a very short turnaround time, new ones will be coming again.

It is a crazy lifestyle that’s for sure. You have to be prepared for anything and believe me guests will come up with all sorts of requests. Compared to the rest of the year, Summer is often full speed ahead and all guns blazing, especially if it’s a business where you have built a good reputation, guests have written you good reviews and plan to return themselves too.

Being a super friendly and sociable person definitely helps make a great owner as quite often that is what guests are looking for – that, as well as a good service, value for money and professionalism. Achieve all of these, plus offer beautiful surroundings, with useful information on hand and great amenities, then for a B&B or Hotel owner, the summer can be a very lucrative time and a brilliant money earner.

It is of course not all sunshine & roses, as it is an extremely exhausting job and one you definitely need to go into with your eyes wide open. The hours are very long; up early to serve breakfast, changing and servicing rooms during the day, checking people in & making ongoing repairs, and that’s without extra’s such as midday and evening meals, which some places do offer.

You’re pretty much guaranteed that unless you have some amazing help behind you, there is little time off during the summer season – so no wonder a lot of businesses close during the winter season. That said, the benefits gained throughout the summer certainly make it well worth it.

A great tip, if you’re thinking of starting your own B&B, Guest House or even Hotel, would be to seek out other people in the business and ask for their advice and tips when you’re setting up. No one will know their industry better than they do!

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