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Testimonials from clients can make or break a business. The impact that testimonials can have on a business is huge as they have the power to effect whether new business comes in or not. Take a look…

Several factors contribute to making a business a success and every person’s perception of a successful business is different. For some it will be all about the money and whether or not there is a large enough profit margin. For others it will be the number of units created or repeat business or new business that is achieved within a certain time frame. Or for those like me, success can be measured by customer response, satisfaction and of course the testimonials of others.

Living in an age that is so heavily focused around technology it can take no time at all to find out what people think of your business. Now that websites such as Trip Advisor and Google Reviews exist to help guide new customers before parting with their money, more and more focus is being placed upon the reviews and testimonials of product/brand buyers and users.

Think about it – if you’re looking to make a purchase or sale of something valuable, such as a business, are you going to go with the first person you find on a random Google search or will you be looking for recommendations, word of mouth suggestions or testimonials like this;

“Lyn from BusinessXchange was instrumental in getting things moving, she has a dogged attitude and knew exactly what to do” Mr & Mrs Tozer.

Each new review I get serves a purpose – it encourages me to carry on and continually strive for perfection within my business. It has now become sort of a habit to ask customers for their thoughts on how working with my business went for them – if you don’t ask, you’ll never know or have the opportunity to improve.

“You would think selling your business would be stressful, but not with Lyn at the helm. She was professional, tenacious and honest with every detail so you knew where you stood right from the start If you are thinking of selling your business we would highly recommend Lyn.“ M.Conroy

Receiving feedback like this from a customer fills me with immense pleasure and also shows me that I must be doing something right, even on days of self-doubt. Not only that, but I feel that showing these genuine reviews from clients of the past, helps me establish trust early on in relationships with new and prospective clients.

Reach out to your current customers that you know are happy with your company and ask them to share their story – it doesn’t need to be long, a few sentences can convey everything. By showcasing these powerful feelings and stories about your product or services, you’re creating another tool to getting more business… and it feels pretty good too!

If you’re considering selling or buying a business do get in contact, I’d love to have a chat, please call Lyn on 0330 043 4351, or email on – It will of course be in the strictest confidence.

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